Drs. Glenn and Elizabeth Jelks, Visiting Professors at Dalhousie University

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St. John, New Brunswick CANADA

August, 2013

Drs. Glenn and Elizabeth Jelks delivered a day-long educational course to the Dalhousie Plastic Surgery Residents and other Canadian Plastic Surgeons as visiting professors in St. John, New Brunswick.

Their lectures focused on teaching participants how to take a comprehensive ocular and physical exam for improved surgical outcomes, and on teaching participants how to avoid some of the most difficult complications of the eyelid surgery.

The course included a discussion of Dr. Jelks’ “No Touch” blepharoplasty technique and their essential “7 Steps” for determining the best surgery and outcome for a patient.

The day concluded with a dinner where the Doctors were able to enjoy the company and camaraderie of their fellow surgeons.

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