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All peels are performed at the Jelks Medical Center under a personal treatment plan, specifically tailored to your unique objectives.

The Jelks Medical Center offers both superficial peels as well as deeper peels depending on the individual needs of each patient.

Superficial or “light” peels, such as glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxyl) or salicylic acid (a beta hydroxyl) can be used to improve skin texture and treat acne, mild sun damage, and pore congestion. These peels exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover to refresh the appearance of skin.

Deeper peels are meant for those who have severe wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone or texture. The skin improvement following a deep peel treatment can be quite impressive but requires more recovery time than a lighter peel.

To learn more about chemical peels and what treatment might be right for you, schedule a consult with Dr. Glenn Jelks.

The Jelks Medical Center offers the Therapon skin product line to complement surgical procedures and improve the health of patient’s skin for a complete care and treatment plan.

Inquire in office about specific products sold and the special peel and Therapon package.

Call our office 212.988.3303 for patient preferred pricing.

Visit us to try out the line, and take home what you love.

We can even ship the products to you.

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Due to patient confidentiality reasons, we have decided not to display patient before and after photos on our website.

If you wish to view before and after photos, select patients have agreed to have their photos shown in the privacy of our office. Please contact us for a consult if you wish to view photographs of the results of our aesthetic plastic surgery procedures as well as discuss which procedures would be most beneficial for you.