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AAAASF Accreditation LogoThe surgical facility at Jelks Medical Center has earned the highest level of accreditation from the nationally recognized American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), considered the “Gold Standard” for outpatient surgical facilities.


To earn AAAASF accreditation the Jelks Medical Center has volunteered to comply completely with the stringent and nationally recognized standards that the AAAASF constantly reviews and revises as new developments in outpatient surgery occur. The primary goal of the AAAASF and the Jelks Medical Center is to promote the highest quality in patient safety in the ambulatory (office-based) surgical setting.


Dr. Glenn Jelks performs the majority of his surgeries in the AAAASF accredited Jelks Medical Center although he has hospital privileges in three different states. In the state of New York alone, Dr. Glenn Jelks has hospital privileges at the New York University Langone Medical Center where he is also an Associate Professor, Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital, and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.


Many patients elect to have their surgery in the Jelks Medical Center for the convenience, privacy, and superior care the center provides. By working in the AAAASF accredited Jelks Medical surgical center, Dr. Glenn Jelks is able to collaborate with his team of highly trained and experienced personnel who work together full-time to consistently deliver the best possible care to the patient. After surgery Dr. Glenn Jelks, the Anesthesiologist, and the Jelks Medical staff are able to directly monitor the patient’s recovery to ensure the safest, most attentive, and individualized care for the patient.


Procedures performed at the Jelks Medical Center ensure a high level of patient privacy and comfort.

What does it mean to be accredited?

It means that this facility has passed inspection on hundreds of important criteria concerning patient safety in an outpatient or office-based setting.

Is this facility as safe as having my surgery in a hospital?

Board certified medical specialists are qualified to perform the same procedures in a hospital an can provide equal if not better care in an outpatient setting.

Who is involved with my anesthesia care?

Only a qualified physician or qualified anesthesia specialist can administer anesthetics during a procedure in an AAAASF Accredited Facility.

To learn more about the AAAASF accredited Jelks Medical Center and what it means to be AAASF certified please visit the AAAASF website.

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