Dr. Jelks in New Beauty Magazine Fall 2014


Dr. Jelks was quoted in the New Beauty Fall 2014 issue article on Are your Eyes Aging You?

Some of the quotes from the article included:

What the Expert Says:

“Lower lid surgery is actually more difficult than upper lid surgery because there’s a greater incidence of complications. A good lower blepharoplasty consists of repositioning the eyelid fat rather than aggressively removing it,” explains Dr. Jelks.

Fillers, Fat or Surgery – When to choose Fat:

Choose Fat for longer-lasting results. Your plastic surgeon will remove fat from elsewhere on your body, clean it and then inject it under the eyes for a volumizing effect. New York plastic surgeon Glenn Jelks, MD, says fat also blends the area between the lower lid and the cheeks.

Evolution of the Upper Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasties and forehead lifts performed today are about maintaining a natural result to keep the shape and look of the eyes, just with a refreshed appearance.” Dr. Jelks adds, “We also do a blepharoplasty first and, if necessary, follow it with a brow lift instead of the reverse.”


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