Dr. Jelks listed as top 10 specialist in US for Eyelids in Harper’s Bazaar

Media_Bazaar_EyeGuysDr. Jelks was honored to be listed as a top 10 specialist for Eyes.

From the article:

Eye jobs.  They’re the first plastic-surgery procedures done before the big lift, and the doctor you choose makes all the difference.  Here, the top 10 specialists who eliminate puffiness, get rid of excess skin and raise the brows.

Dr. Glenn W. Jelks, New York City, 212-988-3303

Specialty: The total package – eye lifts and exams.

Technique : First, an ophthalmologic exam is given by Jelks or his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Jelks.  Next, he places a stitch in the lower lid and tightens excess skin and tissue “like straightening a clothesline weighed down by wet closets,” he says.

Bedside Manner : He’s got a family-style approach.

Jelks Medical

875 Park Ave
New York, NY 10075