Honorary Citation

Honors: President's Citation American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Honorary Citation – ASPS   Dr. Glenn Jelks received one of the highest awards from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons – an Honorary Citation. He received this award in recognition of his clinical contributions to the specialty, especially for the advancement of oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Jelks is honored to be included in the exclusive […]

Dr. Jelks honored as New York Best Doctor 2002

Media: New York Magazine BestDoctors

Dr. Jelks was honored to be listed in the New York Best Doctors List for 2002. Glenn W. Jelks 875 Park Ave at 78th St. 212-988-3303 Board certified in both plastic surgery and opthalmology, Jelks is the eyelid guru.  His minimal-incision technique uses one cut to trim the upper lids and weaken the corrugator muscles, […]

Dr. Jelks listed as top 10 specialist in US for Eyelids in Harper’s Bazaar

Media: Bazaar Magazine Cover

Dr. Jelks was honored to be listed as a top 10 specialist for Eyes. From the article: Eye jobs.  They’re the first plastic-surgery procedures done before the big lift, and the doctor you choose makes all the difference.  Here, the top 10 specialists who eliminate puffiness, get rid of excess skin and raise the brows. […]

Dr. Jelks Featured in The List – NYTimes.com – top Eyelid surgeon

Media: New York Times Magazine Cover

Dr. Jelks was listed as a top doctor in the New York Times Eyelid Lift category in a reference article on  Beauty’s Best in the United States. EYELID LIFTS Dr. Glenn W. Jelks, 875 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10021; (212)988-3303; www.jelksmedical.com; Considered New York’s premier eyelid expert, Jelks has done some 5,000 blepharoplasties. His “no touch” lower-lid […]

Dr. Jelks in New Beauty Magazine Fall 2014

Media: New Beauty Cover 2014

Dr. Jelks was quoted in the New Beauty Fall 2014 issue article on Are your Eyes Aging You? Some of the quotes from the article included: What the Expert Says: “Lower lid surgery is actually more difficult than upper lid surgery because there’s a greater incidence of complications. A good lower blepharoplasty consists of repositioning […]

Dr. Jelks profiled in Town and Country as Top NYC Doc for Eyelids

Media: Town & Country Magazine Cover

“We don’t want people to look like they’ve had an operation” says Glenn W. Jelks, M.D., of the eyelid surgery (called blepharoplasty) that he has all but claimed as his turf.   “We want them to look natural and have everyone around them wonder why the keep looking the same.” State-of-the-art eyelid surgery has changed, […]